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Rank on Google With Chrome Extensions!

Step-by-step guides that explain how to rank Chrome Extensions and Apps on Google 

Rank On Google

Chrome extensions and apps are trusted by Google, so their authority gives a huge boost to ranking

Get More Visitors

Higher ranking for your keywords means more eyes on your offers and more sales

Great For Affiliates

Targeted traffic generated by organic search, and it's all free - perfect for affiliates!

Boost Videos

Chrome apps and extensions can help boost your video rankings as well by providing powerful backlinks


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A message from the author:

My name is Steve Roberts and I've been testing this method for over 9 months. 

You've worked hard to create an offer and all you need now is traffic, right?

Yes, there are lots of ways to spend hard-earned money driving visitors to your site. But if you want free traffic, then you have to rank on the search engines, of which Google is the largest by far. 

How to rank on Google?

There is no shortage of WSOs that teach a hundred-and-one ways to rank. Some of them focus on your website's SEO, others will show you ways to leverage authority from someone else's site. This is often the quickest way to get your offer up the rankings. 

Everyone is using YouTube right?

It certainly seems that way. And it's true that YouTube offers a great way to get your video on Google's first page. But what if everyone is doing it?  The beauty of YouTube back in the day was that it wasn't as competitive, but now that everyone is trying to rank their videos, it's getting harder and harder. And Google doesn't always want to see videos on the first page for certain keywords. So YouTube isn't the whole solution.

There must be another way.

There is.

Here's a method that

    * Leverages authority from Google in the same way as the YouTube methods

    * Complements and enhances the YouTube methods

    * But is unsaturated and different

    * And is easy to implement

If you want to add another powerful to your armory, you need to see this.

So what is it?

My method uses Chrome extensions to rank on Google. They have some great advantages that I explain in my reports. They're easy to make, especially if you use the free-to-access website, And they rank nicely and quickly; you won't have to wait for months.

What's so good about this then?

  1. CHROME EXTENSIONS RANK - you can create them in a matter of minutes. They get added to the Chrome Web Store and soon get indexed by Google, which sees them as having authority - so they rank!
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE- Using the GoJacker website you can create an extension for free as many times as you like. You don't even have to buy this WSO! (Weird, I know)
  3. ENHANCE YOUTUBE VIDEO RANKING - you can link to your YouTube videos and have them play in the Chrome Web Store - great backlinks and perfect for selling your offers.
  4. NO-ONE ELSE IS DOING THIS! - except me, of course...


Check out these screenshots of some of my extensions and how they rank...

Reach More Customers

There are more than 120 million Google Chrome users - any othem could be customers

Earn Revenue

You can sell your Apps to Chrome users. 

Get Discovered

People flock to the Chrome store to find applications. They can find YOUR site with a simple search

Rank On Google

Chrome apps and extensions are considered high authority and so rank highly for keywords on Google


METHOD 1: Use GoJacker

Use the FREE TO ACCESS Website, like this:

  1. APP OR EXTENSION?  - you decide - either are easy! 
  2. CHOOSE A NAME  - fill in the form with some easy details
  3. FILL IN THE REDIRECT URL  - this is where your app or extension will point. 
  5. CLICK "MAKE" 

METHOD 2: Make Your Own Extensions 

Volume 2 of the guides shows you how, in easy steps with a simple-to-edit template and icon starter pack


This offer provides unprecedented value - everything you need to get building Chrome extensions, and then rank them

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